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Oakwood Creative Care™ & ALLE Learning™ have partnered for the past five years to develop lifelong learning classes, fitness and wellness classes, and  creative & expressive sessions to create experiences that encourage recall and curiosity. It’s time to learn, to create, and to laugh!


Colorful Narrated Class Videos


Unlimited Access to Seated Fitness & Wellness Class Videos


Boosting Creativity Thru Music, Art & Storytelling


Classes Appeal to all Ages & All Stages of Life


Learning, Laughing & Creating


Everything You Need for a 21st Century Program

Adult Day Clubs

Unique and special places created just for people with cognitive and physical challenges.

Senior Care Communities

It’s all about the experience. Do participants leave feeling valued, loved & connected?

Community Based Programs

Cities and towns are providing services and support for people with cognitive challenges.

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Lifelong Learning + Fitness & Wellness Classes

Lifelong Learning Class Library:

TWO new, fun & delightful classes each month. Each class includes a colorful video filled with images, an interesting & fun story and plenty of opportunities to pause and encourage discussion. Also included is a PPT slide presentation and copy of the story that can be downloaded to be used at any time. Learn, laugh, and create all month long!

Seniors In Fitness Class In Retirement Home

Wellness & Fitness Class Library:

A monthly membership with one low monthly fee provides you with UNLIMITED access to ALL Wellness & Fitness class videos or live sessions. Classes are hosted on an e-learning platform which means that the materials can be accessed 24 / 7 using an electronic device with a WIFI or Bluetooth connection.

Combined Membership Plan:

Lifelong Learning with Wellness & Fitness class library. Our Lifelong Learning classes go hand-in-hand with our Wellness & Fitness program.

Engage Encourage Subscription 49.99mo

Resource Center

Connecting with Nature can Conjure Memories

Connecting with Nature can Conjure Memories

Many of us have a deep connection to nature. Our national parks are more popular than ever, and environmental issues are in the news daily. For most people, being outdoors improves our mood and reduces stress. Being cooped up in an office or other workplace where we...

The Magic of Music

The Magic of Music

Music creates magic for people with cognitive impairment; we offer multiple music classes Music is an inherent part of every culture, as recent research out of Harvard University indicates. It also resonates with those with cognitive impairment and can be beneficial...

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A creative lifelong learning curriculum for adult day clubs, senior living communities, and community programs that sets a new standard for engagement & interaction.
It’s time to learn, laugh & create!

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