Class Components

Each new topic begins with a lifelong learning class. Every class is based on an age-appropriate topic and includes opportunities for engagement, interaction, and connection. The use of a lifelong learning class is an “adult” experience.

  • Engagement. Research has proven that providing opportunities for daily engagement yields happier participants. They begin to feel respected and start to develop a new purpose in their lives.
  • Interaction. Classes are led by staff or volunteers, not by watching a DVD or listening to a lecture. Questions are asked, discussions ensue, and participants have an opportunity to express their ideas.
  • Connection. Participants develop a strong sense of belonging, which enhances their quality-of-life, self-worth, and confidence.

We have made implementing a lifelong learning program easy. Log into your account and access the class materials which are available 24/7 from the website. Review the materials and present. We use an online option to view all content on a large screen as well as industry-standard software programs, PowerPoint, and MS Word, that can be downloaded. Connection to the internet is valuable to view content including links to YouTube videos or websites to share with participants.

Sample Class Components:

  • Class video
  • PowerPoint Slide Deck
  • Speaker Notes
  • Creative or Expressive Project

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