Class Components

Each new topic begins with a lifelong learning class. Every class is based on an age-appropriate topic and includes opportunities for engagement, interaction, and connection. The use of a lifelong learning class is an “adult” experience.

  • Engagement. Research has proven that providing opportunities for daily engagement yields happier participants. They begin to feel respected and start to develop a new purpose in their lives.
  • Interaction. Classes are led by staff or volunteers, not by watching a DVD or listening to a lecture. Questions are asked, discussions ensue, and participants have an opportunity to express their ideas.
  • Connection. Participants develop a strong sense of belonging, which enhances their quality-of-life, self-worth, and confidence.

We have made implementing a lifelong learning program easy. Download the class materials which are available 24/7 from the website. Review the materials and present. We use industry-standard software programs, PowerPoint, and MS Word, that can be displayed on a large screen. Connection to the internet is valuable because there are links to YouTube videos or websites to share with participants, but this access is not required.

Sample Class Components:

  • PowerPoint Slide Deck
  • Speaker Notes
  • Creative or Expressive Project

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