America’s National Parks Package




Why do we love our National Parks? The rich history and heritage of America are everywhere in these “classrooms without walls.” Using a series of classes immerses participants, family members & staff in an enriching experience and provides multiple ways to connect at many different levels.

This package includes the following three classes:

  • America’s National Parks A to Z – Since 1916, the National Park Service has been entrusted with the care of our national parks. During this class, we will explore the history of the parks, the artists, the photographers, writers, and musicians who have helped us celebrate their beauty and their unique qualities.
  • Art in the Parks – Art has been part of the history of national parks since the 1870s when Hudson River School painters captured majestic Western landscapes. Today our parks contain all types of art, including prehistoric art, unique shapes, and structures carved by Mother Nature and human-made art by artists, writers, and musicians.
  • The Grand Canyon – Is there anything more spectacular than the Grand Canyon? Geologists know that the Canyon and the river began to form over 70 million years ago because this was when the sea was last present. When the landscape emerged from this seabed, an initial river system developed, and this was the beginning of the Grand Canyon.

Each class download includes a colorful, image-based PowerPoint Slide Deck (presentation time: 30 – 40 minutes), Microsoft Word Speaker Notes, Songs & Playlist, a Call & Response Poem, and a Creative Workshop Project Lesson Plan (one or two 30-minute sessions). Click here to learn more: Class Components 

Image provided by Pixabay Free for Commercial Use