A New Commitment to Memory Care

Oakwood Creative Care™ & ALLE Learning™ have partnered for the past five years in the development of a new and innovative memory care program that blends lifelong learning classes, with creative & expressive sessions to create experiences that encourage recall and curiosity. It’s time to learn, to create, and to laugh!

Adult Day Clubs

Unique and special places created just for people with cognitive and physical challenges.

Memory Care Communities

It’s all about the experience. Do participants leave feeling valued, loved & connected?

Community Based Programs

Cities and towns are providing services and support for people with cognitive challenges.

Month-by-Month Class Library

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America’s National Parks

You are standing in the middle of a beautiful forest – can you smell the pine trees and hear the chirping birds? In1916, the National Park Service was entrusted with the care of our national parks. Let’s visit a few of the parks and see things that help us understand America’s treasures!

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TWO new, fun & delightful classes each month. Each class includes a colorful video filled with images, an interesting & fun story and plenty of opportunities to pause and encourage discussion. Also included is a PPT slide presentation and copy of the story that can be downloaded to be used at any time. Learn, laugh, and create all month long!

  • Classes & creative workshops follow a monthly theme
  • Our e-learning platform is accessible 24/7
  • Option to download materials
  • Unlimited access to your learning library
  • Free webinars & support sessions
Music Workshop-Live Sessions

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Summer Camp is in Session!

Summer Camp is in Session!

Temperatures are rising quickly, which tells us all that summer is here! With warmer weather and longer days, summer offers the perfect opportunity to create a new routine full of curiosity and inspiration for seniors living with dementia. Although your goal might...

Actions Speak Louder Than Words!

Actions Speak Louder Than Words!

Building an emotionally safe and positive environment plays a specific role in promoting and fostering lifelong learning during all stages of dementia. Our words carry a lot of weight to them, but our body language does a lot of the talking, too! The Marbella...

Combating Cognitive and Emotional Decline with Social Engagement

Combating Cognitive and Emotional Decline with Social Engagement

Don't give up the opportunity to seek out valuable social connections. Even after the brain has begun to deteriorate, seniors living with dementia still have an ever-present and deep-rooted desire to feel connected and secure. Socialization is the process of being...

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A creative memory care curriculum for adult day clubs, memory care communities, and community programs that sets a new standard for engagement & interaction.
It’s time to learn, laugh & create!

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