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Resource & Support Center

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Blog Articles

Exercise by Snacking

Exercise by Snacking

Does this headline spark your curiosity? It sparked our curiosity because providing fitness and exercise resources and support for a variety of members and participants has always been challenging. Joe Holder, a Nike master trainer, coined the phrase "exercise...

Seasonal Changes Are Good For Our Brain

Seasonal Changes Are Good For Our Brain

Scientists who study the brain are discovering real physical changes to our brain during different seasons. Discover Magazine recently provided research information revealing how the human brain might change from season to season. Some of those changes are due to the...

Defining Positivity, One Letter at a Time

Defining Positivity, One Letter at a Time

What is positivity? According to the dictionary, it is the practice or tendency to be optimistic. When we are positive, we engage in positive thinking, emotions, and behaviors like kindness and generosity.  What is the value of positivity? According to John...

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