A New Commitment to Memory Care

Oakwood Creative Care™ & ALLE Learning™ have partnered for the past five years in the development of a new and innovative memory care program that blends lifelong learning classes, with creative & expressive sessions to create experiences that encourage recall and curiosity. It’s time to learn, to create, and to laugh!

Adult Day Clubs

Unique and special places created just for people with cognitive and physical challenges.

Memory Care Communities

It’s all about the experience. Do participants leave feeling valued, loved & connected?

Community Based Programs

Cities and towns are providing services and support for people with cognitive challenges.

Learning & Creative Classes

Our classes support four dimensions of wellness every day.

Class Packages

Classes and creative projects that are related to the same topic.

Live Sessions

Multiple ways to make the experience come alive: see, hear, touch, say, think, and express.

Resource Center

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A creative memory care curriculum for adult day clubs, memory care communities, and community programs that sets a new standard for engagement & interaction.
It’s time to learn, laugh & create!
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