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Connecting with Nature can Conjure Memories

Many of us have a deep connection to nature. Our national parks are more popular than ever, and environmental issues are in the news daily. For most people, being outdoors improves our mood and reduces stress. Being cooped up in an office or other workplace where we...

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The Magic of Music

Music creates magic for people with cognitive impairment; we offer multiple music classes Music is an inherent part of every culture, as recent research out of Harvard University indicates. It also resonates with those with cognitive impairment and can be beneficial...

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It’s Good to be Curious

Research shows viewing pictures or videos of important life events can help temporarily reconnect a cognitively impaired individual with their memories. Combining these catalysts with the natural curiosity in our participants is a perfect recipe for helping people...

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Rosie the Riveter

What is so fascinating and fun about Rosie the Riveter? Her nails were painted bright red, and her hair was tucked underneath a colorful scarf. Her image became an iconic representation of women in the workforce. Did you think Rosie had any secrets to her success? You...

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