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Lillian’s Legacy Project

Imagine a woman, Lillian, with short white hair sitting at a table with a paintbrush in her hand working on completing a painting. She sometimes needs to be gently reminded of what to do next, and she might even need some physical cues, but she’s smiling. Lillian is...

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Interview with Sherri Friend

What? No Bingo? Interview with Sherri Friend, President, and CEO at Oakwood Creative Care Q: Describe Oakwood Creative Care Day Clubs, tell us who you serve. A: We offer Day Clubs specializing in treatment beyond the traditional care model. Our innovative...

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Lifelong Learning for the Memory Café

How does a lifelong learning program fit in a Memory Care setting? Whether it is Dementia Friendly Tempe, a Senior Day Center, or a senior adult living community for memory care, organizations across the US are using lifelong learning classes to generate enthusiasm...

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A New Commitment to Memory Care

Resource Center > Research & Outcome > A New Commitment to Memory Care Oakwood Creative Care™ & ALLE Learning™ have partnered for the past five years in the research and development of a new and innovative memory care engagement program, EngAGE...

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Please Join Our Choir!

Resource Center > Support Resources > Please Join Our Choir Recently, music has grown in popularity as a method of non-pharmacological treatment for persons with dementia. This is something that we have implemented in all of our programs because participants...

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