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Actions Speak Louder Than Words!

Building an emotionally safe and positive environment plays a specific role in promoting and fostering lifelong learning during all stages of dementia. Our words carry a lot of weight to them, but our body language does a lot of the talking, too! The Marbella...

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“Something Wonderful is About to Happen!”

Many of us underestimate the power of language in our daily lives. The way we approach a conversation and the words we use can produce very different results, depending on how the other person perceives them. This is true in all relationships, but it’s particularly...

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Build Brain Health with Meaningful Activities

Evidence has been building for years that connects cognitive stimulation with brain health as we age. Puzzles, games, and movies are popular ways for care partners to keep people with dementia occupied, but they appear to have little to no effect on slowing...

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Connecting with Nature can Conjure Memories

Many of us have a deep connection to nature. Our national parks are more popular than ever, and environmental issues are in the news daily. For most people, being outdoors improves our mood and reduces stress. Being cooped up in an office or other workplace where we...

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The Magic of Music

Music creates magic for people with cognitive impairment; we offer multiple music classes Music is an inherent part of every culture, as recent research out of Harvard University indicates. It also resonates with those with cognitive impairment and can be beneficial...

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