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Oakwood Creative Care™ & ALLE Learning™ have partnered for the past five years in the research and development of a new and innovative memory care engagement program, EngAGE EnCOURAGE™.

Memory Care Creative Expressive Programming

This program is redefining the industry standard of activities that are boring or child-like to a standard that is engaging and encouraging. We are done sorting socks, sitting in front of a television, playing bingo, batting balloons, and coloring! Instead we want residents and members to learn, sing, create, and enjoy!

For the past twenty years, scientists and researchers have struggled to find a cure for dementia. During that time, we have learned a lot about our brains, including what works and what doesn’t work when attempting to build healthy brains. Research has proven that the old “brain games” don’t move the needle. People continue to slide along the continuum, become less engaged with the world around them, and lose their ability to communicate their feelings or even their daily needs.

We can change what people with dementia experience daily. Using the theory that most people enjoy interaction with others, we have blended creative and expressive sessions with lifelong learning and developed a program that enables everyone to participate and feel loved, valued, and connected.

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