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This program is redefining the industry standard of simplistic activities to a standard that is engaging and encouraging. Programs that offer cognitive stimulation and creative & expressive sessions every day see a change in their participants. Families and staff see the difference.

Using the proven theory that most people enjoy the interaction with others, we have blended creative and expressive sessions with lifelong learning and developed a program that enables everyone, participants, staff, and family members, to feel loved, valued, and connected.

EngAGE EnCOURAGE Learning & Creating Components:

  • Easy to use.
    • All materials are hosted on an e-learning platform that is available 24 / 7.
    • Log into your account, access the learning library, select the materials you want to use.
  • Easy to introduce a new topic.
    • Introduce a new topic using a custom-designed, colorfully narrated video.
    • Topics are age-appropriate encouraging reflection and recall of lives well-lived.
  • Easy to engage.
    • Videos can be paused at any time to encourage discussion and participation.
    • Questions are asked, discussions ensue, and participants have an opportunity to express their ideas.
  • Easy to connect.
    • You have unlimited access to the EngAGE EnCOURAGE Fitness & Wellness Library and the Lifelong Learning Activities Library.
  • Easy to see the joy and happiness you have created!
    • Participants develop a strong sense of belonging, enhancing their quality of life, self-worth, and confidence.

Sample Class Components:

  • Colorful, fully narrated video
  • PowerPoint Slide Deck
  • Speaker Notes
  • Creative or Expressive Activity Project

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A creative lifelong learning curriculum for adult day clubs, senior living communities, and community programs that sets a new standard for engagement & interaction.
It’s time to learn, laugh & create!

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