Family Night

The idea for a creative family night came to us when we realized that many families are spread out all across the country. During this time of limited travel, remote family members are even more challenged to interact with loved ones. Knowing what to say and engaging in a long-distance conversation are challenging for everyone. Creative sessions are for every member of the family regardless of age or location. It is a new way for families to intentionally build and strengthen connections by scheduling time to have fun, create positive memories, and encourage communication.

Using conferencing technology, such as Zoom or Facebook Live, we have designed a live session and a creative project that is appropriate for all age groups. We provide the project, the art professionals to lead the class and all materials. Families now have an opportunity to connect in a way that they haven’t before.

Don’t let distance stop you from spending quality time with friends & family.

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A creative lifelong learning curriculum for adult day clubs, senior living communities, and community programs that sets a new standard for engagement & interaction.
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