Class Packages for Engage EncourageEvidence suggests that the simple act of remaining engaged in the learning process throughout life has certain health benefits, especially on neurology. If our brain is not challenged with new learning, its capabilities can gradually erode over time. New evidence even shows that participation in an ongoing intellectual program can contribute to healthier brains and happier senior adults. Lifelong learning is more than a way to keep idle hands busy; it is a way to provide interaction and engagement and enable all residents to feel connected with their community.

  • Our brain needs to be challenged with new information.
  • Interaction and engagement contribute to healthier brains.
  • Improved brain health contributes to an improved quality-of-life, enhanced feelings of self-worth and a desire to experience new ideas.
  • Participants look forward to engaging socially and learning about one another.

The Need for a Social Revolution in Senior Care

Lisa Genova, TED Talk, “What you can do to prevent Alzheimer’s”