Offering stimulating and intellectual activities at senior day clubs or in assisted living communities can increase synapses in participants’ brains, which is a good thing! While fitness and wellness classes keep our bodies moving, please don’t leave out exercising minds, especially for seniors.

Reducing the likelihood or even slowing the progress of MCI, Alzheimer’s, or dementia correlates closely to how seniors spend their time. Sitting in front of a TV and not engaging mentally can result in a drain on brainpower. Lack of cognitive stimulation is linked to overall declines in health, both physically and emotionally. In contrast, keeping brains and bodies engaged through exercise, social interaction, and mentally stimulating activities such as learning experiences can help improve overall brain health.

EngAGE EnCOURAGE™ helps keep up brain function using learning, laughing, and creating, even for those experiencing cognitive decline. Our programs are designed to help combat the effects of aging on the brain, create opportunities for human interaction, creativity, and expressiveness for meaningful experiences and engagement.

Try a 30-day trial of our lifelong learning program for your seniors, and watch as they engage with familiar topics, songs, and poetry, creating recall and reflection.

EngAGE EnCOURAGE™ provides a quality curriculum for resident or member programming at assisted living communities, adult day clubs, and memory care providers. Reach us via email or toll-free by phone at 602-418-5196.